Thursday, March 19, 2009

some designers are tired

I recently had to Mute Lemania as she spams every day wanting us to come shop at her place. It certainly is bustling. Shes on to something, but to say her clothing is the best SL has to offer is so utterly a misleading lie as to hurt. It seems about 90% of her dresses have the same top mask. No real detail added... all that seems to be supplied by what ever fabric she uses... a very few of her things seem to have taken more than a few moments of some kind of "down to a science" process. But even as some of her things seem to be ok...they all seem almost the same. She hasnt seemed learned how to do wrinkles or details yet... to say its the best is simply not true. Its pedestrian and available cheap everywhere. The same bandau kind of top for most things... the same full skirt for most things...
Some things get a variation in some way... skirts that have some kind of quirky detail or a top that s fuller ... but never anything daring or different.
I call this kind of designer "pedestrian" ... as in slow, predictable... take a walk.
Note: if you pay 1L for a thing you will never wear, you still paid too much. Best you can do with it is spam a newbie with it and when you do that, its taking your time too. Id much rather spend 400 ls on an outfit i will be proud in then deal with a freebie that i will never wear. Not all freebies are so by any means tho. Some people put some real and lovely effort into their freebies. I know i try to. Almost all of my designer friends seem to as well. I feel if you like my freebie, you will come back later for something even better. And i want people to be proud n comfy in what they got from me whether its free or not. But then i really do get joy from creating something new and or better and or different and or fun.
I encourage people to spend their lindens and time on things that they will truly enjoy. And to simply boycott places that are simply mills to take your lindens from you and give you something ... boring and uninspired, nickel n diming you for this and that until your inventory is bloated with mediocrity and your lindens are mysteriously gone, spent on nothing you can remember.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm Opening a New store in Steeltopia! HOO! I'm not sure how to put a link in here.... (mew) But its a cool garden store full of one prim plants and some great custom freebies. FunFunFun!

Its been too long....

I've neglected this space, but that is going to change here. I have things to write about again!
One thing is the creation bug has been nipping at me and so I have a few new things in my SL store, Luminous Designs in Steelhead. There's a rather sinful Peacock Gown

Ive also made up a Guys Hugh Hefner kind of robe n undies outfit:

As well as a Girl Genius Grecian Gown