Tuesday, September 22, 2009


With Halloween coming up ... and a crazy idea in my head... i went off n made up the SPECTOR KIMONO... (insert spooky hooting owls and howling in the distance) All torn up, slightly sheer due to threadbare... it comes with two skirt styles, a guy friendly straighter skirt( This one works for guys too!).. and a floating all over ghostie haunting skirt. Both happen to dance great... (imagine that!) Also a kind of flexi shroud/wings is included. System stuff comes on all layers as is my most of the time habit!

Oriental Head Gears

This one is a bit cross cultural. It looks great with either the chinese or the japanese outfits. Works with almost any other kimono out there... except perhaps my next release... the Spector Kimono!... THIS particular thing however, comes with both a static ornament and a rolling ornament. (Sometimes lag is a big issue. If it is, i wanted an utterly unscripted option for you)

New Bratty Kimono!

Omg... i been busy. Here is one thing i came up with that i couldn't find anywhere else.... the Bratty Kimono... Comes with a regular perfectly proper look... as well as an opened skirt, pushed down... and all the way down look. Like i said... Brat! Also made a little under kimono body suit.