Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gearz Glow Victoriana

After much loving cajoling and kicking on my part i have finally made a victorian outfit! and ... ok... i went off. I put in it everything i would want including shoes and hats! Skirts made to be danced or even sat in and still look great, in protest to the apparent insistence on stiff prims for victorian wear. This outfit is apparently demure (possibly) but then is very sexy when you look. The sheer blouse, the corset/bra combinations ... the cute sexy panties that can be show thru the system skirt or the full pantie that kind of acts as glitch pants, except that they dont cover your legs. The legs flash sexy stockings but only very occasionally due to the hip skirts. I took everyone's comments about what they loved and hated about what ever victorian fashions they already owned to heart when i made this. Women hated glitch pants so they aren't there, but there IS a way to have a solid look at the hips with the fuller panties. They said they love to flash leg, so there's super sexy and unique stockings to flash away. And because the right shoes are always SOO hard to find, i made them for the outfit. The hats are wide and accentuate a lovely peeking female face perfectly. The skirts are made in 3 parts, pelvis and two hip skirts for a realistic movement and a great look even when sittingor dancing. AND there's 3 styles of skirts both prim and system. Sigh. i always do this... make a thing thats really more than can be said in a little bloggie or notecard or what ever. You'll have to check it out for yourself. But in 3 years of playing in SL, i have never seen a more complete and awsome set of clothing, victorian or otherwise. I know, i want a whole grand of lindens for the outfit, but when you get it, you are not getting one outfit. Its several with varying levels of sexy totally determined by you and your mood at the moment. Prims are modify and all of it is transfere so you can easily purchase it for a friend. I hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed making it! and i had a Blast!

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