Thursday, November 20, 2008

Steelhead, My Home

One day a RL friend of mine, Steelwolf invited me into SL, because he knew i would take off creatively in here. He brought me to his sim Steelhead. At that time Steelhead was a rather simple sim. Hardly any trees. Builds were very blocky. It was set in and around 1850-1890 Pacific Northwest, frontier-ish kind of feel. He gave me a plot by the big hotel. It sucked cuz there was a Huge Red Wall out front of my door. But it was free and i was a newbie, and didnt know better anyways yet. I still have this parcel, tho i pay rent on it now, and its got warm fuzzy feelings for me. It was my first substantial gift in SL, and i have to admit i cherish it... even with the Big Red Wall. Now however that wall is a stunning bit of Pesephone Texturing, full of architecture and lovely windows. The sim is totally different now, tho set in the same era. And this is the story of how Steelhead became the sim it is at the date of this or these posts.

Steelhead Main is owned now by Katteryn Severin who at that time was Steelwolf's RL gf. She paid for the sim in all ways, supplimented such as she was by Steelwolf's building and rental spots. She still is financially responsible for Steelhead Main, The reason Steelhead exists at all is because of this utterly lovely person. You will find fewer sweeter people than Miss Severine of Steelhead.

As i said, Steelhead was a rather simple sim at the time. I was impressed with the builds, but by current standards they were rather simple. They were well made however. Steelwolf is a most excellent prim layer. And he and i sat at puters side by side for several weeks building and doing SL things. So i learned to build with a premier at that time builder by my RL side, an invaluable thing in learning how to deal with the frustrations that can ensue with SL building. Soon i had a cute house on my parcel and a sort of sand box to build in... i was incessant and constant...hooked... and became very good rather quickly. But only at prim laying. I didnt know how to use scripts or make textures or SL clothes of any quality.

But back to SH (typin that out all the time is getting Old!)

Things with Steel and Katt finally fell apart. It was a long time coming, but Steel had an SL lover that he ended up moving in with and he stepped down as manager/owner of the sim, handing over owner rights to Katt, finally. All this time she was paying for it... finally it really was hers. But now she needed a manager. No problem. Sysperia steps right up. She does help the sim for a good time. I decorated it for xmas and easter and what ever. I thought things were ok. I still got free rent due to the work i did around the sim. I thought it was all good. But i was naive. Im still not sure as to the depths of what was really going on, but apparently Sysperia never gave Katt money to assuage the tier of the sim. Katt was still paying for SH out of pocket!!

Now... this is a RL friend of mine. I was close to both Steel and Katt, and when he left, my friendship to Katt never wavered. And this person was rippin her off. Katt is not a rich woman. Not poor, but tier for a whole sim is a big hit on her wallet. Was Sys taking rent and not handing it over? Or not doing her job? A kind of witchhunt ensued, im kind of ashamed to admit, with the citizenry getting very caught up, and so she ended up stepping down. TotaLunar Eclipse and Tensai Hilra were citizens at that time, and they accepted the position of managing the sim. Since they were citizens during the uprising, they had a good idea of what needed to happen, and being two of them, felt they could do the job. Lunar at that time i believe had made a two prim mushroom. I still have a copy of it. It was the first thing he ever made.

Next chapter, How Steelhead came to not have a bordello

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