Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why Steelhead doesnt Have a Bordello

Lunar and Tensai are now managers of Steelhead. They have inherited a sim with quite a few problems that perhaps they didnt count on. For one thing... these builds. They are a Lot of prims. Steel was an old school SL builder. They seem to toss prims at everything in the quest for detail. It looks great, but theres no prims for anything else. Soon one starts to wonder if we need all these primmy benches and why is the railing all the way up there a million prims when an alfa rail will do fine all the way up there? detail. Its a kind of hubris in a way. Soon, one by one, the old builds started to be replaced. A big green warehouse got turned into what is now the docks. The stores across from the hotel turned from ramshackle huts into victorian storefronts. The place was just in the very beginning of turning from a backwoods hicktown into something like Seattle. Often these simple builds would be replaced by something more elaborate and detailed and be as many or less prims than before... the sim's prim stash was building up... At that time you Had to have at least 1500 prims always available for the sim to remain stable. Dont ask me why.... this is SL...we just deal with it. But this meant that we wanted to free up as many prims as possible.

Go back in time to when sys was still manager of SH. Near my Homestead Plot was the bordello...parted by one parcel. Sys had let me put a garden in that little plot between us. I thought it would be nice for the ladies to have a snuggle garden nearby . It was tiny, but it was lovely and sweet. Near the end of her reign, she had asked me to be the madam of the place. Now, i realize i have a pretty avatar, and i realize that i can cyber like few others. But i'm a builder. If i'm not creating i'm not happy. As well as madam is basically a paper pushing role. I have no time for such an undertaking, nor the inclination if i did, so i respectfully declined. However... two weeks later i was getting notecards of ladies schedules. I IMed them back" are you sending me your schedule? Its none of my business what your doing..."
They had been informed i was the new madam. I did not take this information very i had Clearly and in no uncertain , if polite, terms declined. I told them all they were misinformed. I hope i was kind as i was certainly not mad at them. And i pinged Sys. And told her that i am Not the new madam... please tell the girls so that i dont get any more notecards. So i have refused the position of Madam twice.

Well, now we didn't have Sys... and the bordello was quiet... a prim whore in a most literal way. It was a nice build for sure, and was Steelwolf's pride actually. But there were a LOT of prims in it... a 57 prim sofa, the bar was 40 or more... real stairs as there was no sculpty back then and ramps of course wouldn't do... and NO one was using it.

One of the girls stepped up and said she would do it... Emilly. Hating to see the old institution die, Emilly thought she'd take over the Madam position. Lunar said Fine, i will make you a new bordello. and the old place went poof. prolly back into steelwolf's inventory, freeing up close to a thousand prims. It took Lunar a good solid month to make that build. And when it finally dropped, it was a kind of masterpiece. An eclectic Victorian/Japanese mix, Large and with lovely staircases, an upper balcony, and an oriental roofline and floor plan. Victorian woods and walls. A unique and really a lovely build. Much larger and about 200 prims less. He dropped it on a totally different lot and there it sat... for a month... and another ... and another... 6 months go by and there still isn't a single person working there or using it really. Emilly had a rezz day party for herself there once. Nothing before or since.

OK, now, it took Lunar a Whole month to build it... that time could've been used to get the TP system, the beds, the hot tubs... the what all. I didn't understand why she didn't hit the ground running, opening relatively soon after it was dropped. Finally i asked in a town meeting "when is the bordello gonna open or is it gonna lay there sterile for ever? cuz ... you know... Its been a whole half a year." That was the idea in old steelhead. The bordello raked in the cash from Caledon gentlemen and helped pay tier and assuage rent to keep it down. This plan really apparently doesn't work, as Katt sure paid a LOT of tier. And while it was a hell of a lot better than it was now that Lunar n Tens were handling the sim., still, a huge dead plot wif a lovely build bringing in Nothing, doesn't crunch.

Needless to say my big mouth opened a HUGE can of worms. Em shot me dagger eyes, but i simply shot them back (please). The sheriff had to call order to the room. Lunar was very upset with me and our friendship went thru a big bump. He felt i was undermining his job as manager. He pulled me out of his profile, and i haven't been put back as of this posting. i maybe never will. But in the end Emilly did admit that she didn't have time for it and very unfortunately, the new bordello went poof back into Lunar's inventory, and the DeCostas moved in, dropping a lovely Victorian there.

Lunar and i are still very very dear friends, as he does understand that i had the sim's and really primarily Katt's interests at heart..and that i in no way meant to disrespect him as a manager. But perhaps it was a wake up call we all needed. And sometimes doing or saying something you feel has to be said isn't always easy, and sometimes not appreciated until much later. And there probably was a better way for me to handle it or to speak out too.

And that is why there is no bordello any more in Steelhead, when Steelhead used to be The place to go for that.

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